Is “Living Unassisted” the Future of Assisted Living?

That’s what Jeffrey Rosenfeld and Wid Chapman believe. The authors -- a gerontologist and architect, respectively -- of UnAssisted Living:  Ageless Homes for Later Life, see a future where housing better reflects the lifestyle demands and preferences of today’...

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When You Need More Help: Alzheimer’s Care Options

When you care for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia at home -- either theirs or yours -- a time when you need more help will almost surely come. Though you may not know when, be prepared by knowing your ...

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May Is National Elder Law Month

As we age, the importance of planning for our future health and legal needs cannot be underestimated. It starts as young parents, when we make sure we have a will or trust in place to protect our children just in ...

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5 Little Known Facts About Independent Living

Wondering what independent living is all about? Check out these little known facts about this category of senior housing:

1. Independent living is a great choice for active seniors. Besides offering a packed social calendar, most communities have fitness centers with ...

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Olympic Medal Winners Move to a Retirement Community

Two players from Canada’s 2012 Olympic soccer team (winners of the bronze medal that year) are making themselves at a retirement community.

This new post from tells all: Diana Matheson and Robin Gayle, both twenty-somethings, currently ...

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Choosing Home Care for People With Alzheimer’s

The tricky thing about Alzheimer’s is the way the disease affects a person’s ability to manage simple daily tasks but does not always impact physical wellness. In other words, your father may still be physically strong; he can ...

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How to Take a Break as a Senior Caregiver

Being a caregiver for a senior is a round-the-clock responsibility. Though there may be many rewards and joys in the journey, the reality is that the care of another human being is utterly exhausting. Taking a break and getting adequate ...

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Q & A: Alzheimer’s Care Options

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s leaves little time to plan for what happens when your loved one needs more care. Most caregivers don’t even want to think about that possibility; some would rather burn out before reaching out ...

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Black Friday on the Senior Housing Market?

‘Tis the season for visiting family members to have heightened concerns about Mom, Dad and other senior relatives.

These visitors are often led to wonder -- is it time for assisted living? Should we consider home care? Given the increase ...

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How to Look For Senior Living Options

Many of you are still thinking about Thanksgiving...and it has nothing to do with the food or the amazing Black Friday deals you snagged. Yesterday’s post, What To Do With Post-Holiday Concerns About Older Relatives, provided tips on ...

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