For a Change, Some Good News About Seniors and Health Care Providers

The doctor isn’t the only one who can help seniors manage their health care needs.
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Trend Watch: Communes for Seniors

A new senior living option is actually based on an old model, according to this AARP blog post, For Aging Seniors, A Commune-Like Alternative.

In New York, just 30 miles from Manhattan, the 33-bed Fellowship Community adult home operates this way:“...

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Seniors Getting Digital (and Loving It)

“Did I get him? Did I get him?” That’s what an 84-year-old grandfather keeps asking his grandson during an intense round of Halo, the wildly popular video game that steals many a young person’s non-working, non-sleeping hours. This ...

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If a 101-Year-Old Can Run a Marathon, What’s Stopping You?

A bright yellow shirt and turban, black running pants with neon stripes, and candy apple red sneakers. That’s what 101-year-old Fauja Singh wore when he ran the London Marathon and set a record as the world’s oldest man ...

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Is Senior Living Just for “Old People?”

Senior living communities are often viewed as places only for “old people,” and sometimes, it is actually the older adults themselves who feel that way.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to enjoy an active and exciting life in ...

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Young and Old Learn Together in “Life Swap” Experiment

Now and then, I’d tune in to an episode of “Wife Swap,” just for fun (or if there was nothing else on TV). In typical reality show fashion, things were definitely over-dramatized, and I could tell that the editing ...

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No Thanks, I’ll Take Assisted Living

Thinking about asking your senior parents to move in with you? They’d probably rather not, says a new report from Gallup & Robinson, Inc. and Pfizer’s Get Old campaign.

This post on the ALFA blog highlights the Aging ...

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Fostering Intergenerational Relationships in Assisted Living

Pet therapy is wonderful, but animals are not everyone’s best friend. Babies, toddlers, kids and teens? That’s another kind of wonderful therapy for seniors in assisted living.

Relationships between the old and young are incredibly special and mutually ...

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Researcher Discovers Boomer-Senior Double Standard

Michelle Barnhart is my new hero. A researcher from Oregon State University, Barnhart and her study co-author, Lisa Peñaloza, have put into technical terms and legitimate qualitative research (currently available online but will also be in print this coming ...

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New Census Report Focuses on 90+ Population

Demographers and analysts from several government agencies have been collaborating on a compilation of data about the nation’s oldest old, a term coined by Richard M. Suzman and Matilda Riley in 1985. The report was released this month.

Led primarily ...

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