Making Hospice Care More Affordable

Still an underutilized service, hospice care may become more affordable for providers thanks to advocacy efforts from MedPAC, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. Says this Leading Age news article by Peter Notarstefano, the Commission “recommended changes to a U-shaped curve ...

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The Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living

Nursing home versus assisted living: what’s the difference? The main distinction between the two are the qualifications of the staff and the types of care services they provide.

Let’s break down the three basic categories of senior care, ...

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Q & A: Alzheimer’s Care Options

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s leaves little time to plan for what happens when your loved one needs more care. Most caregivers don’t even want to think about that possibility; some would rather burn out before reaching out ...

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How Assisted Living is Not Like a Nursing Home

An assisted living community and a nursing home are not the same. Most people know that much, but when it comes to knowing why they’re different, or even how they are similar, the answer is not as clear.

Even ...

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Finding a Senior Living Community That Feels Like Home

Home sweet assisted living: the establishment of a cozy, home-like environment is a growing trend among today's senior living communities. Developers are now designing common areas that set visitors, staff and residents at ease. They’re creating programs and services ...

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Home Care or Community Care: Deciding What’s Best

No matter how strong the caregiver, caring for a senior loved one with complex care needs (perhaps related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, COPD, or another chronic illness, disease or disability) over a long period of time will take ...

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Senior Care Industry Moving Away from Institutional Settings

Person-centered care. Clusters of rooms in small “neighborhoods.” An emphasis on daily activities. No more inflexible schedules and routines.

Does this sound like a nursing home?

The Chicago Tribune recently examined the shift away from institutional-style settings and services typical ...

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Q & A: Where Can I Find Alzheimer’s Care?

“The 36-hour day” is a phrase made famous by Dr. Peter Rabins, whose groundbreaking book on caring for someone with dementia first hit the shelves in 1981. Currently in its 5th edition, The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for ...

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Yes, You Can Be Independent in Assisted Living

The lines are often blurred between assisted living, nursing homes, and every other type of senior housing on the market today. Since most people are thrust into the role of caring for a parent overnight (and it all begins with “...

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Assisted Living Communities: A New Look for Alzheimer’s Care

As a local news station in Fairfield, Connecticut, reported this morning, many assisted living communities will be getting a makeover, due to the increase in demand for specialized Alzheimer’s/memory care (someone develops Alzheimer’s every 69 seconds, say the ...

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