Who’s Who in Assisted Living (and Why It Matters)

When you’re a caregiver, your responsibilities don’t end after the person (or couple) moves to assisted living. Your daily grind may look different, but now you can be involved in a new way: getting to know the rest ...

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Changes in Store for Senior Housing Construction

Assisted living communities may look nothing like hospitals or nursing homes, but their developers had to follow the same building and fire safety codes -- even if it meant “costly and sometimes unnecessary building features,” according to this new post ...

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Dad Moved to Assisted Living: Now What?

It’s Monday morning. Your taxes are filed. Your cup of coffee is still piping hot and the house is quiet and empty. Just a few weeks ago, Mondays were manic: you’d be up early to assist your father ...

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Where New Senior Housing Projects Are Happening

Yes, more people would prefer to stay home. But there are enough new senior housing projects in the pipeline to confirm the need for continued future growth and meet current industry demand.

Earlier this month, Senior Housing News shared the ...

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New to Assisted Living? How to Help a Senior Adjust

When a senior moves to assisted living, everything is new again: new neighbors, new apartment, new routines, new foods, new smells, new sounds, new friends.

This transition might be a welcome adventure for a family member who wanted a change, ...

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Trend Watch: Communes for Seniors

A new senior living option is actually based on an old model, according to this AARP blog post, For Aging Seniors, A Commune-Like Alternative.

In New York, just 30 miles from Manhattan, the 33-bed Fellowship Community adult home operates this way:“...

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A New Kind of Senior Community

Steve Moran, who blogs about senior housing, shares this post about Haciendas at the River, a new kind of senior living community that he believes his father, a retired ER doctor in his mid 80s who is still very active, ...

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Developing Alzheimer’s From Eating Junk Food?

Old news: junk food is bad for your body and your health.

The latest news: Eating junk food could lead to Alzheimer’s.

A recent New York Times article by Mark Bittman (author of the popular book, Food Matters) warns ...

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New to Assisted Living? Get to Know the Caregiving Staff

After a senior transitions to assisted living, the primary caregiver still has an important role. Most likely, this individual will be the point of contact should any medical emergencies or other care needs arise. Given this position, the caregiver should ...

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Does Your Assisted Living Community Need a New Look?

Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and wallpaper-free walls may be what today’s homebuyers are looking for, but you won’t find these features in every home on the market. Likewise, nursing homes and assisted living communities that were built ...

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