For a Change, Some Good News About Seniors and Health Care Providers

The doctor isn’t the only one who can help seniors manage their health care needs.
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How Health Care Law Changes Will Affect Seniors

A new post on the Visiting Nurse Service of New York blog outlines some of the changes seniors should expect as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The article references the following:

Coverage of more preventive services under Medicare ...

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What the Pope Has to Do with Senior Care

There has been so much news and social media buzz about the pope lately, but this angle explored by Paula Span of The New York Times’ New Old Age blog is an interesting one. Her article Is the Pope Frail? ...

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Trend Watch: Communes for Seniors

A new senior living option is actually based on an old model, according to this AARP blog post, For Aging Seniors, A Commune-Like Alternative.

In New York, just 30 miles from Manhattan, the 33-bed Fellowship Community adult home operates this way:“...

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Caregiver Presents Grandmother as Superhero

We often think of the caregiver as the superhero, which is certainly an accurate point of view in most cases. This New York Times article offers a different, though equally valuable, perspective: the senior as the superhero, literally. The photographs ...

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Trend Watch: New Homes for the Modern Multigenerational Family

It seems that assisted living and other residential care facilities are becoming a last resort as more families turn to at-home alternatives. There’s the MEDCottage (also known as granny pods), a small, free-standing unit that is connected to the ...

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Making Senior Living Design More Distinctive

The words senior living tend to conjure a certain image, and one that would come to the minds of most: a sprawling, brand new building with immaculate landscaping, perhaps a fountain out front.

Leslie Moldow expands on this theme in ...

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In Aftermath of Storm, Home Care Providers Are Heroes

This week’s news reports have covered the devastation caused by Sandy, the powerful storm that wreaked havoc on cities, towns and communities throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

For seniors living alone at home, daily visits from a ...

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Senior Living Options in the Northeast

If you love to watch the seasons change, this is an especially glorious time of year in the Northeast region of the country. In states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the fall colors are at their peak.

Perhaps ...

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Abusive Elders: Article Highlights Special Challenges for Caregivers

Sometimes staff and family members are caught off guard by a major change in behavior -- for the worst -- among older adults struggling with, even physically fighting against, their transition to assisted living, nursing homes, and other senior care ...

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