Can Assisted Living and Hospice Work Together?

The latest article from The New York Times New Old Age blog explores the ins and outs of this question. Author Judith Graham offers tips for preventing the conflicts that may naturally arise when hospice care services are brought into ...

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Emeritus Senior Living CEO Inspired by Elders

“I wanted to work in health care management, so I took a job as a manager at a residential care facility for seniors in Los Angeles. I found my calling — I loved it.”

These are the words of Granger Cobb, ...

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The Geriatric ER: Another Sign of the Caregiving Times

Lots of caregivers, particularly those caring for seniors, spend time in the ER. Our family spent a few frazzled days there when my grandfather was experiencing physically troubling manifestations of dementia. I’ve also heard my share of ER “war ...

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“Non-Therapy” for Seniors: Next Stop, Assisted Living?

They sit and talk about “dependence and independence,” and they range in age from 75 to 88. It’s not officially called a therapy group, but this special workshop, led by a clinical social worker/psychoanalyst named Wendy Wilson, is instead called “...

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The Power of Music Therapy in Senior Care

Pet therapy is widely known as extremely beneficial to and therapeutic for residents in assisted living and other senior care settings.

But the power of music cannot be underestimated either. Music therapy is a growing field, particularly in terms of ...

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Lalo, Glam-Ma, Popsi & John: Today’s Grandparents Rejecting “Old” Names

Grandmother, grandfather – places the first-known use of these familiar names way back in the 15th century. The meanings are simple: the mother/father of one’s mother/father, respectively; an alternate definition –a female/male ancestor.

Flash forward ...

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Diana Althill: Loving Life in the Later Years

Editor/writer Diana Althill of London made a tough decision last year, at the age of 91. She moved into what she calls “an old person’s home.” At first, she thought it would be dreadful, that she would miss the apartment which had been home for many years. But, to her great surprise, she has enjoyed the transition.

In an interview from an October 2010 article in the New York Times ...

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Too Much Safety for Seniors?

There's an interesting discussion going on at The New Old Age: Is the "safety first" mantra always the best thing for seniors? Do safety measures reduce meaningful activity and freedom:
...there may be downsides to the actions we take in the name of safety, even if they do prove protective. Take moving into a nursing home, usually promoted and defended as necessary for an elder’s safety. “There are negative ...

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Aging Caregivers for an Aging Population

So imagine you're 23 and you're taking care of your sister, who's 21 and just had a knee operation for a sports injury. You take her to physical therapy, help her get up and down the stairs, supply ice for her knee, remind her to keep it elevated (and keep off her feet) - no big deal. Just a few weeks ago, I did this for my mother-in-law after she had exploratory ...

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2010 Senior Housing News

Housing is a huge concern for seniors today, especially given that this year will be the first since 1975 without a COLA (cost of living adjustment) increase in their Social Security checks. But a recent article in The New York Times highlights a few bright spots on the housing front.

In the fall, Congress approved an 8% increase for the Section 202 program in FY 2010, the first increase since 2004. The funding will help ...

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