Tough Topics: Assisted Living & Mental Health Issues

Things are not always black and white in assisted living, nor is it all prepared meals, Bingo, and someone else doing the dishes and laundry. There are complex issues facing assisted living staff and providers every day: questions about what ...

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Bringing Home Care to Assisted Living

Yesterday’s post highlighted the benefits of bringing in an occupational therapist (OT) to assisted living. Today, we’ll take a look at another way to supplement services: bringing in home care.

Again, this question naturally comes up: why are ...

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New Tool Reports on Aging Issues from Australia to Zimbabwe

In the US, we hear most often about the needs of seniors in the US alone. Although the needs of our country’s seniors are great (hunger, dementia, elder abuse), what about the aging population around the world?

Enter Global ...

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Seniors as Caregivers: Risks, Rewards and Options

What happens when the senior is a caregiver too? There are special health risks and care needs for those serving as primary caregivers to spouses, adult children with disabilities or even grandchildren. Respite must be a priority, and families should ...

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Seniors in Assisted Living Battle Numerous Health Issues

Dementia. Parkinson’s disease. Macular degeneration. Depression. People are living longer thanks to medical advances, but there are consequences. In a recent article on, Susan Levy, M.D., spoke to the health issues plaguing seniors today; some are ...

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Filling in the Gaps With Home Care

Assisted living may offer more care services than independent living, but some residents require more help than the staff can provide in a 24-hour period. For this reason, many allow residents and their families to bring in home care or ...

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Starting a Conversation About Senior Care

Parents are often forced to have difficult conversations with their children throughout their lifetimes, particularly during adolescence or in cases of death, divorce and other major life changes.

When the tables are turned and children have concerns about their aging ...

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When Couples with Different Needs Require Care

Disagreement among couples about a senior care transition takes on many forms.

It can be a difference of opinion that leads one to prefer Assisted Living A and the other Assisted Living B, or Home Care Agency A versus Home ...

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Grassroots Senior Housing: The “Urban Village”

Assisted living is not for everyone. Whether for financial reasons or simply personal preference, some American seniors opt to age in place elsewhere. However, there is still a need for support.

Springing up in response to that need are several ...

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Talking to Your Kids About a Senior Living Transition

If you’re a parent, the years have probably been full of those awkward, delicate conversations you’d rather avoid. The birds and the bees. Dating. Curfews. But all of that is behind you now, right?

Well, except for maybe a conversation about where you want to spend your retirement years. Not all of your children may agree about where – or how – you should live, but ultimately, it’s your ...

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