Why We Need Traditions in Assisted Living

We understand why a family has need of traditions, but have we thought about residents in assisted living? How the establishment of traditions in an assisted living community can make a significant difference in the lives of residents, staff and ...

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Nursing Homes Needed at Florida Retirement Community

A popular retirement community that spans three counties in Florida has a need for nursing home beds, says this Orlando Sentinel news article.

Legislation has been proposed to “allow developers of the community with 100,000 residents to build nursing homes...despite ...

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The Need for Total Alzheimer’s Care Communities

In the future, will we see more senior communities devoted entirely to dementia care? A reader’s comment on a recent post about a Wisconsin senior housing project raised the question: “It is especially interesting that one whole facility will ...

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Where New Senior Housing Projects Are Happening

Yes, more people would prefer to stay home. But there are enough new senior housing projects in the pipeline to confirm the need for continued future growth and meet current industry demand.

Earlier this month, Senior Housing News shared the ...

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Elder Care Mediators: Who They Are and Why We Need Them

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 brothers and sisters or two. It doesn’t matter if you have a good relationship with your parents and siblings or a strained one. It doesn’t matter if you and your mother-in-law ...

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Aegis Senior Living Experiences Growth Spurt

New York is not the only place experiencing dramatic assisted living industry growth (remember that May 11 post?). A private, family-owned company based in Redmond, Washington, Aegis Senior Living, has also seen a tremendous increase in the need for services in their region. They have responded to the demand by doubling the pace of development. Generally, Aegis Senior Living has added two retirement communities annually; currently, there are four local projects ...

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Bring a Senior Holiday Cheer: 10 Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

UPDATE: 2/11: Join us in taking part in our Random Acts of Kindness for Seniors campaign.

As many of us are shopping in a frenzy to finish up our list to an onslaught of holiday cards, deliveries, and more, there are seniors across the country who won't get a Christmas or Hanukkah card, visit, or gift this year. Sure, the activity directors of the world are doing everything to provide opportunities ...

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Top Banana Brings Groceries Home for Hungry Seniors

I am always excited to find out about undiscovered resources available for seniors in need. When I read about Top Banana, I knew I had to share it in the blog. While the organization currently operates in Maryland and DC only, my hope is that other aspiring entrepeneurs like Top Banana's founder, Jean Guiffre, will take the ball and carry it to their corner of the world. Guiffre saw a ...

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