Dealing with Guilt Over a Care Transition or Decision

Taking the car keys away: it’s the moment every family caregiver and senior driver dreads, along with making a decision about an assisted living move, or a discussion about end-of-life wishes.

In some rare cases, family members are in ...

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Telling the Whole Truth Through a Senior Care Transition

White lies. Little fibs. In caregiving for a senior relative or your parents, you may have told a few.

The Ethics of Geriatric Fiblets, a recent article on the Moving Mavins blog, tackled the issue head-on, offering three common scenarios ...

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How to Decorate An Assisted Living Apartment

It doesn’t matter if you have a studio apartment, or a modest three-bedroom, one-bath bi-level, or a sprawling seven-bedroom, five-bath farmhouse: most people fill their living space with stuff they don’t need or use. Consequently, when it’s ...

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Planning for a Senior Living Move

Making a decision about assisted living involves extensive research and planning, difficult financial considerations, and (sometimes) complicated family involvement. It is a major move that encompasses many charged emotions too, like facing the decline of a parent or relative you ...

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Keeping in Touch After an Assisted Living Move

Your mother just moved to assisted living. You know it’s important to visit, but you feel sad, even guilty, whenever you see her alone in the apartment. She seems to be adjusting fairly well, though she hasn’t met ...

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Staying Involved After an Assisted Living Move

The house is quiet and empty. You are restless. You were used to a busy morning of helping Dad bathe and dress, preparing breakfast and serving him food, giving him his medications, then setting him up with the morning paper ...

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Spotlight on Independent Living in the Pacific Northwest

In a traditionally hot summer month like July, our thoughts may turn to cooler places. Maybe the fresh mountain air, regular rain, and shady forest floors of the Pacific Northwest come to mind. Seniors considering a retirement move -- whether ...

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Assisted Living Move-In Day: A Team Effort

The paperwork has been signed, the admission fees paid, the house packed and a "for sale" sign staked in the front yard. Every thing is in place for Grandma's move to assisted living and the big day has arrived.

If ...

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Facing a Senior Living Move? Help from Emeritus Senior Living

Choosing a new place is tough enough, but when it comes to packing the boxes, hosting yard sales, and perhaps eventually staking a “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard, the reality of a senior living move truly sets in. ...

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Tips for a Successful Senior Living Search

Independent living and assisted living. Alzheimer’s care, home care, retirement communities. Nursing homes. With more categories than ever before, there are also more options within each. The number of options in the vicinity depends on where you live; a ...

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