Weekend Visiting Ideas for Assisted Living

The work week is over. You’re looking forward to sleeping in, cooking breakfast instead of grabbing it to go, and actually drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Then you think: I should visit dad in assisted living.

Pretty soon, ...

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30 Ridiculous, Fabulous, Beyond-Crazy Gifts for the Out-There Senior in Your Life

Buying gifts for the senior in your life doesn’t have to be a drag, especially if they prefer a more edgy, peculiar present versus the seriously overplayed box of Russell Stover chocolates. Sure, many septuagenarians have everything they need and then some, so why not ditch the chocolates and go crazy for that ostentatious older adult you know and love? This shopping guide will help get you started…

1. For ...

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What to Do When Mom Needs Help

By now, most of the Mother's Day flowers, cards and chocolates have been delivered. However, concerns may be lingering in the minds of those who just paid Mom a visit. And just as the primary responsibility for buying gifts & cards often falls on the females in the family, so do the responsibilities of caregiving.

Typically, it is the daughters or daughters-in-law who notice those subtle changes in Mom's health and ...

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A Mother’s Day Wrap-up: A Unique Blog Pays Tribute to Fabulous Moms

Cool blog alert - and just in time for a Mother's Day wrap-up: "My Mom is Fabulous." Blogger Ysolt Usigan wants your vintage Mom photos and fun/inspirational stories about the woman who gave you life.

Be sure to stop by the site to view currently posted photos (which are extraordinary - so much fun to see the fashions from the decades past), and stay tuned for the upcoming "My ...

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