How to Make Dining a Better Experience for People with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s makes everything more difficult, including meal times. But a nursing home administrator found a way to change the dining experience for the good; her story is told in this blog post, Dementia dining: A model on the McKnight’...

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Keeping Senior Living Communities Connected

Many senior living facilities are “gated communities.” Whether they have an actual locked gate out front or not, a good number of assisted living, independent living, and Alzheimer’s care communities are tucked away, separate, with few connections to the ...

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Texas Community for Seniors Embraces “Neighborhood” Design

Long hallways with doors lining both sides. Most people, unless raised in or lifelong residents of an urban apartment building, do not think of such an institutional design when they think of home.

The planners behind a new senior living ...

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Is There a Model for Assisted Living?

We generally know what to expect of a hospital: it’s typically a sterile environment that, depending on the location and time of day, may have quiet halls or waiting rooms or the complete opposite. There are doctors, nurses, surgeons, ...

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Introducing the Medical Home Model of Care

Have you heard about the "medical home" model of care, currently developing in Illinois and making its way into other states?

As described by Chicago Tribune reporter, Judith Graham, this new model of care sounds almost too good to be true. Graham describes it as "primary care on steroids, devoted to prevention and to helping people with chronic conditions such as asthma or arthritis manage their illness."

In the "medical ...

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