Suddenly Solo: A Guide for Men Dealing with Loss in Later Life

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“What do I do about dinner?”
“Where is the checkbook?”
“Do I want another relationship with a woman?”

These are a few of the simple and not-so-simple ...

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Assisted Living Activities for the Gents

The “typical” assisted living resident is an 83-year-old woman and assisted living communities are home to an average of 74% women and 26% men, according to figures from the National Center for Assisted Living. Though men are clearly outnumbered in these communities, ...

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New Online Community for Men Providing Senior Care

The newest group to emerge as caregivers for seniors, joining the millions already providing care? Men.

Recognizing this trend, more resources tailored to men are popping up online, including this one -- The Male Caregiver Community (currently sponsored by Homewatch ...

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Supporting Male Caregivers: A Chat with CareScout’s Bob Bua and Liz Boardman

No matter how much we may fight against it, men and women are different. Of course, these differences should not affect our understanding of equality (in terms of opportunities), and there are always exceptions to the rule. Maybe you’re ...

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Activities for Men in Assisted Living

When it’s time to visit a friend or relative in assisted living, do you find yourself putting it off or getting anxious about what to do and say when you arrive?

Your emotions about visiting in the new setting ...

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Taking Care of Dad on Mother’s Day

Leading up to this Mother’s Day weekend, the focus has been on Mom, Grandma, and all the special women in our lives. Though the men will have their day in June, families caring for aging parents, friends and relatives ...

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Senior Men and the Health Issues That Keep Them Up At Night

Memory loss and mobility impairments weighed heaviest on the minds of most senior men (64% of survey respondents), followed closely by medication side effects (63% of survey respondents): these and other intriguing results were the outcome of a recent study by Canadian ...

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Assisted Living Activities to Engage Men and Women

A well-rounded activities calendar at assisted living should include more than just an occasional game of trivia or afternoon tea party. Also, no two communities should have calendars that look exactly the same, as programs should reflect the hobbies and ...

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Assisted Living Design Should Be More Gender-Neutral

In August, Pam Gerhardt’s fantastic Washington Post article brought this important issue to light. After visiting several communities with her father, she took the assisted living industry to task, advising providers to examine programming and design elements (i.e. ...

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Assisted Living Should Reach Out to Men, Says Washington Post

Currently, only 26% of assisted living residents are male, as per the National Center for Assisted Living. Although the ratio is not likely to change anytime soon – researchers say women will continue to outlive men – the total number of older men ...

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