The Assisted Living ABCs: Part 2

In yesterday’s Part 1 post, we covered Assessment, Bathing and Community, three important aspects of assisted living care. Today, we’ll cover three more:

Assistance with medication: When it comes to the care provided, assisted living communities are typically non-medical ...

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Medication Safety Begins With You

Mixing medications is dangerous and can have fatal consequences; overdosing on medications can be deadly.

Of course, I’m stating the obvious. Just about every pharmaceutical advertisement on the planet includes a list of potential side effects. Movies, sitcoms, books ...

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How to Use Medication Safely in the Summer

Each year, as temperatures rise, warnings go out to caregivers -- particularly of young children and older adults -- to take precautions that prevent common heat emergencies (heat stroke, heat exhaustion, sun poisoning, etc.). These events and illnesses can strike ...

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Brookdale Senior Living Explores “Lifestyle Medicine”

Yesterday, we reported on a fascinating new therapy that uses an old device – the metronome – to improve mobility among seniors. And a recent post on the Brookdale Senior Living Optimum Life blog highlighted another exciting and emerging specialty in the ...

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Striking the Balance: Tips for Aging Parents and Adult Children

In a recent issue of Southeastern PA's Senior Guidebook, I found an intriguing article called "Taming Your Adult Children" that offered practical, albeit tongue-in-cheek strategies for keeping well-meaning adult children in check.

I've seen it firsthand in dealing with my own family. And while I never doubted that my parents, aunts and uncles had my grandfather's best interests at heart, the approach was often, if you asked me, less than ...

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