Medicare to Now Cover Therapy for Plateaued Patients

Health insurance companies have not always been viewed as having patients’ best interests in mind when establishing coverage benefits and payment limits. While many of the treatment guidelines are science-based in what are called “medically necessary” procedures, effective therapies often ...

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A Cure for Dementia?

In all the talk about ways to ward off dementia (e.g., playing an instrument, reading and writing), is it possible that we could find a cure for the diseases that cause memory loss? While it may seem like too ...

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Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Hikes Hit Seniors

Purchasing long-term care insurance policies has been one way seniors could create a safety net, filling the large gap in Medicare and Medicaid coverage for long-term, or skilled nursing facility care. Although it can challenge older adults’ budgets, long-term care (...

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Good News for Medicare

When it comes to government and health care, it’s easy to focus on all the things that have gone wrong. But for those who haven’t reached Medicare age yet, as well as those currently relying on it for ...

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Seniors, Immigration Reform and How They’re Connected

A new article from the Money section of US News & World Report holds the answer, and as with many issues related to seniors and long-term care, it’s a complicated one. In a nutshell, as Congress faces decisions about ...

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Benefits Checkup: National Programs Helping Seniors

Paying for prescriptions, food, and the monthly utility bills is a challenge for seniors on a fixed income. Sadly, it’s more serious than that: the National Council on Aging estimates that over 13 million older adults “live in or on ...

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5 Assisted Living “Must-Knows”

In late August, a CBS News video highlighted the 5 things consumers need to know about assisted living. (Access the video and accompanying article here.)

Reporter Rebecca Jarvis covered these major issues:

Getting the facility’s ratings. There is no Zagat ...

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Out-of-Pocket Costs in Senior Care

Long term care (home care, assisted living, nursing homes) is expensive. Most would not doubt or argue that point, but when it comes to the point of paying for long term care, confusion reigns.

As discussed in our recent #ElderCareChat ...

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Boomers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Should Care About Social Security

Bill Keller, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times, talks to boomers one-on-one in this recent piece. And though he opened it with these words, “If you were born before 1946 or after 1964, you are free to go... I need ...

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Senior Care: A Priority for Presidential Candidates?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, at least in terms of what the candidates are saying (and not saying) in the debates and stump speeches, on the campaign trail and elsewhere.

Those who have been following the Republican debates have heard ...

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