New Tool to Support Seniors at the Wheel

Driver “retraining” is the best strategy for improving safety at the wheel for seniors, says this Medical News Today article.

According to the piece, though many seniors struggle with memory problems, researchers observed long-term safer driving habits among older drivers ...

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Is Care Available in Independent Living?

It’s a question that people currently residing in independent living -- or people considering it -- may have, and the simple answer is yes. However, that "yes" doesn’t mean the community itself provides care services. Even if the ...

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The Keys to Good Brain Health for Seniors

As the incidence of dementia nears epidemic proportions, brain health is increasingly on everyone’s minds. Seniors especially are looking for ways to preserve and boost cognitive function and memory.

A new study, published in the Journal of the American ...

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End of Life Care Can Come to You

This recent post shared the benefits of home care as an interim option for people with Alzheimer’s, as the disease often impacts the ability to manage basic daily care and household tasks essential for living independently, yet does not ...

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What Does Home Care Cover?

The simplest definition of home care is just as it sounds: care and services provided at home. There are no age restrictions; home care can be for infants all the way up through the oldest old at the end of ...

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When Thanksgiving Is Just Another Caregiving Day

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Some people are working, some have the day off. Others are loading the car or boarding a plane to visit family. Many are beginning dinner preparations.

Millions are caregiving. On a day like today, ...

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Breaking Down Common Assisted Living Myths

Assisted living has been around for about 20 years now, but many people are still confused about this type of senior living setting. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a few of the most common misconceptions surrounding assisted living:


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Lessons from Sandy: Caring for Seniors During Natural Disasters

The storm is over, but the cleanup and recovery is just beginning. For seniors at home and in nursing homes, assisted living communities and other residential facilities, the week has been especially harrowing; were it not for certain home health ...

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What Kind of Care Is Provided in Assisted Living?

Mom’s dementia is getting worse. Grandpa has had one too many falls in the past year; living at home alone is no longer a safe option. Your sister had another mini stroke, affecting her mobility; your husband needs more ...

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FAQs & Facts About Assisted Living

Have questions about assisted living? You’re not alone. It’s a young and still evolving industry, and no two communities are alike. If you are considering a particular assisted living community for yourself or a senior relative or friend, ...

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