Senior Living Marketing: How to Discover a Customer’s Value System

Today's post is from guest blogger Carol Marak, a copywriter for the adult living, senior, and health care space. Carol coaches businesses to find their voice and tone, to deeply understand their customer’s challenges and motivation, and to create ...

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Boomers Hit the Web to Search for Senior Living

Senior living marketing is changing, and boomers (ages 49 to 67) are responsible. The web as a go-to source for senior living information is also a driving force causing marketers to reevaluate the way their communities look online. Data from the Pew ...

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Image is Everything: Seniors in Stock Photos

This recent slideshow from the Huffington Post is brilliant. Titled “This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos: Old People Using Computers”, writer Katla McGlynn presents 10 ridiculous photos of elders using a computer. Each photo is tagged with sharp, witty captions that are the perfect complement to these seriously corny shots – and asks readers to vote for their favorite. McGlynn  warns hyper-sensitive readers not to take this presentation out of context; she ...

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AGNES, Clint Eastwood & Reaching the Mature Market

Meet Agnes.

[caption id="attachment_5017" align="alignright" width="190" caption="photo courtesy of C.J. Gunther for The New York Times"][/caption]

Agnes (Age Gain Now Empathy System) is the product of MIT’s AgeLab, a place I’d like to add to my must visit list. The AgeLab “was created in 1999 to invent new ideas and creatively translate technologies into practical solutions that improve people’s health and enable them ...

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Superbowl Ads: Next Year, Let’s Do Better

Ratings report that 162 million people watched Superbowl XLV, making it the most watched TV show in history. I’d be curious to see a breakdown in that number based on who watched it for the sake of the game and who watched just for the notorious multimillion dollar ads, but either way, everyone who tuned in got a taste of the good, bad & ugly side of marketing.

On the ...

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