Preparing for a Holiday Visit in Assisted Living

If it’s the first year that a senior loved one is in assisted living (or other senior care setting) for the holidays, be prepared for a potentially emotional experience.

Whatever the reason for the move, you and your loved ...

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Alzheimer’s Care During the Holidays

With added emphasis on spending time with loved ones during the holidays, the presence of Alzheimer’s becomes even more unwelcome. This year, the families of the 5.4 million living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia will do their best ...

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Even in Senior Living, Advance Care Planning Is Vital

Though 71% of Americans have thought about their end of life preferences, only 29% actually created living wills, according to data from (National Healthcare Decisions Day). Advance care planning is extremely important, even if the senior in your life has ...

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In Complex Relationships, Senior Communities May Be Best Option

You may not always be choosing the best care arrangements “for a loved one,” though many senior-related resources are written to adult children, siblings, relatives, friends and spouses who have a positive relationship with the senior in need of care.


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The Right Way to Talk About Senior Living Options

So it’s time to talk about a senior care transition. Maybe you’ve noticed your spouse or parent needs more support than you are able to give, or you’re concerned about isolation and loneliness. Perhaps a recent illness ...

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As Temperatures Drop, Heated Blankets Are Essential for Seniors

Kaye Swain of SandwichINK recently wrote a guest post for the EldercareABC Blog on the importance of warm blankets for seniors in hospital settings. Swain writes about the world of difference a heated blanket (and later, a microfiber “sherpa” throw) ...

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Ideas for Celebrating Family History Month in Assisted Living

How did Grandma and Grandpa meet? Where does your great aunt keep all her wonderful recipes? Which of your uncles got into the most trouble?

October is Family History Month, the perfect time to get answers to all of these ...

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Buyers’ Guide: Top Cell Phones for Seniors

Cell phones have just about become a necessity for people living in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. But some are still on the fence about these hand-held, take-them-wherever-you-go devices, as they’d rather not be available or connected at all ...

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Housing Market Collapse Changes Plans for Assisted Living

The impact of the housing market bust has been far-reaching, derailing plans for many who want to move in to a new home, or move out of their current residence into a new living arrangement (i.e. apartment or condo, ...

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Elder Care Planning Resource Guide

“At least 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services at some point in their lives.” –

Those plan-ahead types may drive you crazy – or, you may consider yourselves one of those efficient elite. No matter ...

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