States Use Limited Long-Term Care Budgets for Home Health

In these challenging economic times, states are closely scrutinizing their long-term care budgets. This has resulted in many states opting for creative care solutions using their Medicaid funding. reports that one choice is shifting the money to community-based ...

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Green House Senior Housing Idea May Replace Nursing Homes

A newer senior living concept is challenging pre-conceived notions of how nursing homes should be built and managed. An article on reports that the “Green House Project,” is redefining housing for older adults requiring long-term care. Conceived almost 10 ...

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Survey Estimates Costs of Long-Term Care

One of the tasks baby boomers and seniors tend to put off is researching long-term care for themselves or a loved one. Looking ahead gives you several advantages – finding out about the senior care industry, understanding levels of care available ...

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The Gap Between Perception and Reality in Long-Term Care

According to a recent Harris Interactive poll conducted on behalf of Nationwide Financial, boomers’ perceptions about the costs and parameters of long-term care are not aligned with reality. Far from it – the Long-Term Care study, which surveyed more than 800 seniors ...

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PBS NewsHour Series Examines Long-Term Care

As baby boomers become the largest population of older adults in the United States, the challenges of managing later life long-term care will undoubtedly become more complex. An article on reports that PBS NewsHour has responded to this ...

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Out-of-Pocket Costs in Senior Care

Long term care (home care, assisted living, nursing homes) is expensive. Most would not doubt or argue that point, but when it comes to the point of paying for long term care, confusion reigns.

As discussed in our recent #ElderCareChat ...

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Essential Long Term Care Statistics: Are You Prepared?

This article from Morningstar’s Christine Benz, the site’s director of personal finance, shares what she believes are the “40 must-know statistics about long term care.”

While most of the stats are related to nursing home care, the underlying message ...

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Emeritus Senior Living Wants to Know: What’s Your Plan?

One of the country’s largest senior living providers, Emeritus, is partnering with Dr. Marion Somers and the 3in4 Need More Association to promote planning ahead for long term care. Says Dr. Marion in a recent Emeritus news release, “Without ...

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Senior Care & Housing: Costs Rise While Funding Drops

This news may not come as a surprise, but it is nonetheless troubling.

A perfect storm has been brewing in recent years: the exploding boomer and senior demographic, senior care costs steadily climbing, government (and even private) funds dwindling, and ...

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#ElderCareChat 11/2/11 Recap: Solutions for the Age Wave

There’s no denying it: the age wave or silver tsunami will hit. It’s a matter of when, and what destruction will be left in its wake. Affordable, accessible, high-quality long term care for today’s (and tomorrow’s) ...

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