Can Senior Hugs Lead to Better Health?

Grandma gives hugs better than anyone else, and now, new research proves that this is scientifically true -- and good for you.

This new post from The Longevity Connection blog shares the results of a study published in the British ...

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Taking Care of Dad on Mother’s Day

Leading up to this Mother’s Day weekend, the focus has been on Mom, Grandma, and all the special women in our lives. Though the men will have their day in June, families caring for aging parents, friends and relatives ...

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A Look Back at an Amazing Senior: Eileen “Didi” Nearne

Eileen Nearne was an extraordinary woman who lived an extraordinary life, but she wanted nothing more than to be ordinary. In fact, when she died, alone, her body undiscovered for several days, she was scheduled for a council burial (what was once known as a pauper’s grave)… until the police surveyed her belongings.

After finding her Croix de Guerre medal (awarded to her by the French government after World ...

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Australian Men’s Shed Association: An Oasis for Men in the Twilight of Life

"It's an oasis. In the grand scheme of things we don't matter much. But here, we matter."
- Australian Men's "Shedder"
NOTE: First, I must say that I highly recommend listening to this amazing documentary (approx. 23 minutes). I'll do my best to summarize it in this blog post, but it's still very much worth a listen (especially if you like Aussie accents):

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Bring a Senior Holiday Cheer: 10 Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

UPDATE: 2/11: Join us in taking part in our Random Acts of Kindness for Seniors campaign.

As many of us are shopping in a frenzy to finish up our list to an onslaught of holiday cards, deliveries, and more, there are seniors across the country who won't get a Christmas or Hanukkah card, visit, or gift this year. Sure, the activity directors of the world are doing everything to provide opportunities ...

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