Retirement Living, Virtually

There’s a new trend in retirement living, and it doesn’t involve moving. The village concept, born in a Boston neighborhood in 2001, is now morphing into “the notion of virtual retirement communities,” says a recent article.

Primarily ...

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Exercise, Independence and Alzheimer’s

We all know that exercise is good for your body and brain, but a new study indicates that it also helps maintains independence in people with Alzheimer’s. How so? An article from the Assisted Living Federation of America shares ...

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The Evolution of Today’s Retirement Living Options

Those in the industry know that retirement living has changed over the years, but many of us still hear the word retirement and probably think about a large country home with a wrap-around porch, where a senior couple sit in ...

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What Are 55+ Communities All About?

One of the newer options to join the senior housing spectrum are 55+ communities, also known as active adult communities. Though the boomers and seniors who choose this type of community live independently, this type of setting is still different from ...

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Olympic Medal Winners Move to a Retirement Community

Two players from Canada’s 2012 Olympic soccer team (winners of the bronze medal that year) are making themselves at a retirement community.

This new post from tells all: Diana Matheson and Robin Gayle, both twenty-somethings, currently ...

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Trend Watch: Communes for Seniors

A new senior living option is actually based on an old model, according to this AARP blog post, For Aging Seniors, A Commune-Like Alternative.

In New York, just 30 miles from Manhattan, the 33-bed Fellowship Community adult home operates this way:“...

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Seniors, Obesity and Why Active Living Is Essential

New research shows that a higher body mass index, or BMI, increases the risk of death for seniors, even though in years past, obesity among the 65+ demographic was thought to extend one’s lifespan, per this HuffPost50 article. The study ...

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My Retirement Dream

You’re never too young (or old) to start thinking about your retirement, and I don’t mean the money part of it. Not to say that isn’t important, but there are plenty of articles, resources, and information about ...

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How to Further Your Education in Retirement Living

Never stop learning: it’s a surefire way to maintain brain and body health well into -- and beyond -- your retirement years. Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young,” and this MarketWatch article in the Wall Street ...

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Keep Moving! Embracing an Active Lifestyle in Senior Living

The fountain of youth may not exist in a physical sense, but there is a source of youthful vigor and vitality, a common thread connecting seniors whose retirement years are anything but rocking chairs and reading the paper.

Consider this 100...

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