#ElderCareChat 12/17/14 Recap: Finding the Joy in Growing Older

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 54 new and returning participants discussed what they look forward to most about growing older, who their “positive aging” role models are, what they fear about aging, the benefits of longevity, and more. It was an ...

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Simple Ways to Enjoy Life in Assisted Living

Assisted living is not always the first choice for some seniors, so you may have to encourage an older parent, friend or relative to embrace their new living situation.

Here are a few ways to change their perspective and help ...

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Assisted Living Your Way

Assisted living may not be as flexible as independent living, however, residents in this setting can lead a very independent life.

Depending on the amount of assistance or care required, a resident in assisted living can basically set his/her ...

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How to… Balance Life As a Sandwich Caregiver

The kids have soccer practice until 4, and Dad’s doctor’s appointment is at 4:30. Your husband gets home around 6 and hopes dinner will be ready soon after. There’s a check that needs to be deposited at the bank, you’...

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#ElderCareChat 3/20/13 Recap: Stigmas, Stereotypes and Language

During this Wednesday's live Twitter forum, 57 participants were buzzing about the right and wrong ways to reference older adults and aging.

One of my top peeves is when speakers, journalists and others refer to an Alzheimer’s patient instead of ...

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Why We Need Age-Friendly Communities, and How We Get Them

AARP is on the move, and they want age-friendly communities. This Huff/Post50 interview with Amy Levner (AARP’s manager of education on livable communities) may be from last spring, but the message is just as timely as ever -- ...

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Senior Living Fitness Program Enriches Life, Enhances Health

Why stop exercising when you move to assisted living? There’s no need. In fact, many people may even find that being in assisted living offers more opportunities to be physically active, and certainly more people to hold you accountable ...

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Is the Independent Living Life for You?

You’re getting tired of maintaining a house. You’re well past retirement and maybe a little bored; you’d like a more active social life. Your neighborhood isn’t the same; so many of your friends have moved out, ...

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What the Katz Scale Has to Do with Assisted Living

Feeding, continence, and transferring are in the late loss category, while toileting, dressing and bathing fall in the early loss category of ADLs, or activities of daily living. In a series of recent posts on her blog, Cathy Cress, an ...

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Celebrate the Seniors You Love in 2013

On the first day of January, people everywhere are kicking their resolutions into high gear. Most of them don’t sound like much fun though -- like cutting out chocolate, scaling back on spending, or getting up at the crack ...

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