#ElderCareChat 9/18/13 Recap: Innovative Lifelong Learning Programs

This week, 34 chat participants filled the Twitter feed with fresh ideas, savvy solutions, keen suggestions and thoughtful perspectives on lifelong learning programs for older adults.

The live forum kicked off with a mention of our July 2012 post, What the Sandwich ...

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Seniors’ Tech Use Increases: Learning Centers Respond

I remember about 12 years ago, my parents got an email-only device and joined the techno-enabled social world. I was skeptical my 70-something folks would take to it and feared I’d end up being their 24-hour tech support line. Dad ...

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Why Lifelong Learning Is a Senior Living Essential

[caption id="attachment_20131" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Photo Credit: Mariah Snow, Today.com"][/caption]

Making the case for lifelong learning: Fred Butler, high school graduate, age 106. Butler’s story was featured on NBC’s The Today Show this week, and ...

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How to Further Your Education in Retirement Living

Never stop learning: it’s a surefire way to maintain brain and body health well into -- and beyond -- your retirement years. Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young,” and this MarketWatch article in the Wall Street ...

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Living Life Fully in Independent Living

A thriving independent living community offers residents opportunities for growth, learning, health and social engagement. Local or long-distance travel possibilities. Exploration of the arts, science, literature, and history on the community grounds or in area museums, colleges or other higher ...

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Activities to Stimulate the Mind in Assisted Living

Bingo can certainly be a fun way to spend an hour. Social activities like afternoon tea and holiday parties are important; fitness classes are a vital part of a healthy, well-rounded life.

Yet residents in assisted living need more. Opportunities ...

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Improving Communication Between Senior Living Residents, Families and Staff

When a problem occurs, a breakdown in communication is usually to blame. In assisted living, the margin for miscommunication is wide, given the fact that several parties -- residents, families and staff -- are exchanging information at any given time. ...

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Young and Old Learn Together in “Life Swap” Experiment

Now and then, I’d tune in to an episode of “Wife Swap,” just for fun (or if there was nothing else on TV). In typical reality show fashion, things were definitely over-dramatized, and I could tell that the editing ...

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Senior Living Resident Teaches “Living with Death” Course

Former teacher and Ecumen Lakeview Commons resident Honor Hacker is committed to lifelong learning.

How committed?

The Minnesota senior, whose secret to keeping her mind sharp is “reading excessively,” recently taught a class of St. Paul prep school students about ...

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Elderhostel: Not Your Average Bus Trip

Want to travel the world and learn more about it at the same time? Elderhostel is the way to go. It is something that I look forward to taking advantage of when I am "of age." Adults ages 55 and over become students in the global classroom when they travel with Elderhostel, a not-for-profit organization established in 1975 to provide retirees with "exceptional learning adventures."

There is something for everyone at Elderhostel: ...

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