How to Talk to Seniors Respectfully (And Why It Matters)

In a recent Time Goes By blog post, The Dangers of Elderspeak, Ronni Bennett examines the language commonly used when referring to seniors -- particularly in health care settings -- and the underlying attitude that often accompanies such words.

The ...

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#ElderCareChat 3/20/13 Recap: Stigmas, Stereotypes and Language

During this Wednesday's live Twitter forum, 57 participants were buzzing about the right and wrong ways to reference older adults and aging.

One of my top peeves is when speakers, journalists and others refer to an Alzheimer’s patient instead of ...

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The Best Therapy in Assisted Living

Pet therapy is wonderful. Intergenerational interactions -- from infants to young adults -- are therapeutic too. However, there may be residents in assisted living with allergies, or a fear of/aversion to animals. There may also be residents who don’...

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Cultural Sensitivity in Senior Living: It Matters

Sometimes a language barrier prevents caregivers from accessing vital resources. Sometimes a cultural difference prevents patients from getting appropriate care. Sometimes a communication breakdown is less of a personality clash and more a lack of sensitivity.

A recent article from ...

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