Documentary Film Stars “Cyber-Seniors” and Teenage Mentors

Have you ever felt left out of the latest new trend and had no idea what people were talking about? But imagine if you didn’t even know how a basic computer worked and the simplest function was out of ...

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Senior Living Provider Alert: Industrial System Dangers Reported

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News & Assisted Living reports that a widely used Honeywell product used in many senior care facilities has a dangerous flaw.

Per the article, published today on the McKnight’s site, computer security experts found that ...

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Boomers Hit the Web to Search for Senior Living

Senior living marketing is changing, and boomers (ages 49 to 67) are responsible. The web as a go-to source for senior living information is also a driving force causing marketers to reevaluate the way their communities look online. Data from the Pew ...

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Avoid Scams, Browse Online Safely in Senior Living

Fact: seniors are active online. According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report out this year, “53% of American adults age 65 and older use the internet or email.” This number is growing every day.

Whether they’re using a ...

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Getting Online in Senior Living: Who’s Doing It?

If you think your grandparents or senior relatives don’t know the difference between Facebook and Twitter, you’re wrong. According to an April 2012 study from the Pew Research Center (based on telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates ...

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Starting a Senior Living Search, Long Distance

What can your sister in Los Angeles do to help care for your Mom, who lives in rural Pennsylvania?

Don’t count her out. When the time comes for making a decision about senior care, she can certainly help. Thanks ...

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Students Bridging Technology Gap in Senior Living

Do you remember the first time you successfully sent and received an email message?

Several PCs, laptops, BlackBerrys, iPhones and iPads later, probably not. Technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade, with most of us blazing through computers and ...

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Health Information Ranks as Third Most Popular Online Search

Checking the scores after the game, watching the latest viral YouTube video, booking a family vacation…people surf the web for any number of reasons. But 80% of searches are for health information, according to data from the Pew Research Center’...

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