Seniors: Easy Targets for Fraud?

No one wants to think of him or herself as an easy target. But that’s how one man who was recently sentenced to prison for fraud explained why he targeted seniors for his financial schemes: “Because it was easy.”
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Long Term Care Insurance: Risky Business?

As several types of senior housing are often private pay only, some consumers have turned to long term care insurance as a way to cover the cost. However, recent reports of a downgraded stock rating for Genworth Financial, a major ...

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Essential Long Term Care Statistics: Are You Prepared?

This article from Morningstar’s Christine Benz, the site’s director of personal finance, shares what she believes are the “40 must-know statistics about long term care.”

While most of the stats are related to nursing home care, the underlying message ...

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Long Term Care: U.S. vs. Them

Whenever I'm depressed about the state of the long term care (LTC) system in America, my mind wanders to other countries. What's it like in Uganda, France, or Kazakhstan? Is it better, worse, or about the same? Apparently, Howard Gleckman heard my cry. A senior research associate for the Urban Institute (and author of "Caring for our Parents"), he tackled this topic (in response to a Washington Post piece) in ...

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What to Look for in Long-Term Care Insurance

Whenever I start thinking about long-term care insurance, my immediate next thought is: "Don't I have something else I need to be doing this afternoon?"

Long-term care insurance is still a pretty non-standard insurance product, so there are a huge number of variations from one policy to another.

Fortunately, the folks at (a private organization, not part of the federal government) have provided a roadmap for comparing policies.


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