The Power of Humor in Senior Living

Most senior living providers offer a variety of programs for the body, mind, and soul – but what about activities geared directly toward the funny bone? If laughter is truly the best medicine, how are senior living communities providing an appropriate dosage?
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Senior Care SMILE Study: Humor Relieves Agitation in Alzheimer’s

Yes, antipsychotic medications can help take the edge off the anxiety and agitation that many with Alzheimer’s experience, but there are serious risks and side effects to consider (and of course, meds are expensive too).

That’s what makes ...

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Top 100 Senior & Boomer Blogs & Websites

Google returns 1,330,000 results when you type in “blogs about seniors” and 3,890,000 for “websites about seniors.” Of course, not all of these results are legitimate, useful, or applicable destinations for those seeking issues of interest about seniors, but even if half ...

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