Wash, Dry, Fold: Laundry Services in Assisted Living

There’s a lot involved in doing the laundry: first, you must gather the dirty clothes, towels and linens, carry the load to the laundry room -- or drive to a laundromat, separate colors and whites, load, wash, transfer, dry, ...

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Laundry and Housekeeping Services in Assisted Living

Doing a load of laundry is a multi-step process: gather the dirty clothes, towels and linens, take the basket or bag to the laundry room, separate colors and whites, load, wash, transfer, dry, fold, put away (sometimes that last step ...

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Top 5 Cleaning Supplies for Assisted Living

Yes, there are housekeeping services in assisted living. Some residents and their families may opt for light daily cleanings; most communities offer a more thorough weekly cleaning as part of the core services package. (Hint: when you are in the ...

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Independent Living vs. Retirement Living: What’s the Difference?

Independent living, senior apartments, and retirement communities: they’re all different based on the owner/operator, the location, the cost, services provided, and the population of residents, but one common thread exists no matter what it’s called.

In these ...

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I enjoy a column in The Washington Post entitled "Family Almanac." It's written by Marguerite Kelly, who has a smart and sensible approach to raising children, managing the teenage years, and adapting to changing roles within a family.

Today's column, What to Overlook, and Not, With an Aging, Anxious Mom, is a different story, however.

In it, a daughter complains that her agoraphobic mother of 78 is losing interest in her ...

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