Talking to Your Parents About Assisted Living

When is it time to have “the talk?” For adult children concerned about their parents, talking about a transition to assisted living or another type of senior care setting should happen sooner rather than later.

That being said, a discussion ...

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Age-Friendly Living 101

For seniors residing at home or in a residential community, this quiz from AARP is a helpful tool to evaluate the safety of the living space. There are 10 questions covering issues like lighting and how to improve it, fall prevention ...

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Trend Watch: New Homes for the Modern Multigenerational Family

It seems that assisted living and other residential care facilities are becoming a last resort as more families turn to at-home alternatives. There’s the MEDCottage (also known as granny pods), a small, free-standing unit that is connected to the ...

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Better Mobility in Assisted Living: How to Prevent Injury & Preserve Quality of Life

Today's guest post is by Amanda Frank from Hugo Mobility. We thank Amanda for sharing these practical tips and insightful advice for preventing falls and improving quality of life via various types of mobility equipment.

Accidents happen, even if you’...

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Senior Move Managers Assist in Care Transitions

Though a major life decision and intense process on its own, choosing a senior care community is just the beginning: a lifetime and household’s worth of stuff must now be transitioned into a much smaller space, and usually in ...

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Essential Home Preparations for a Senior Care Transition

Bringing in home care, moving to independent living, or transitioning to assisted living are major life changes that require a number of preparations.

For a move, coordinating logistics is a big part of the process. Will a moving company be ...

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Prepping Your Home for Sale: Q&A with Vincent Salvitti

If you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller home, making a transition to an active adult community, or looking for some other type of housing (many boomers/seniors are leaving the suburbs and moving into condos/townhomes in cities nationwide), there are things you can do to ensure a quick and successful sale.

Consider the advice offered here by Vincent Salvitti, a ReSale manager with Traditions Realty. (Traditions Realty ...

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