Making a Senior Care Decision — In a Minute

“I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” These words from the Earl of Chesterfield (shared in this collection of quotes for caregivers) are appropriate for those caring for a ...

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Seniors Should Get Social — and Off the Couch

It’s especially difficult in the winter months, when the sun goes down by 5 p.m. and makes you feel certain your couch -- in front of the TV -- is the best place to be.

A recent ...

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A Good Night’s Sleep: Tips for Seniors

How many hours of sleep do seniors need? As much as a high school student, according to this Health Matters news story. The target: seven to nine hours a night for both populations is best.

The similarity in this sleep ...

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What Home Care Can Do

At the end of the caregiving day, what tasks, chores and responsibilities are usually left undone? What are the things you just can’t find time, energy or the desire to do?

This simple exercise may be a good way ...

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