The Best Medicine: Pets Visit Hospitalized Owners

Anyone who loves a pet knows their powerful, positive energy and huge role they play in our lives. Studies show that being around animals is also good for both physical and mental well-being. As a N.Y. Times New Old ...

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Trend Watch: End of Life Care Shifts From Hospitals to Home Health

Hospitals are not the only place where the dying go, says a new CDC report. Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated an 8 percent decrease in the number of people dying in hospitals between 2000-2010. McKnight’...

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Transitional Care Centers: The Future of Senior Healthcare Services?

First of all, you may be wondering: what is a transitional care center?

A transitional care center (called “sub-acute inpatient care” by those in the medical field) is a place where patients receive therapy and other rehabilitation services before transitioning ...

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Elder Care in the Dark Ages?

A recent BBC news article suggests that the senior housing and elder care industry has much to learn from the notorious Dark Ages, reports Alyssa Gerace for in this post.

Apparently, though the era has a bad reputation ...

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Today’s Senior Care Communities: Mini Hospitals?

In a recent article from, Jim Janicki sums it up this way: “We’ve seen the acuity go up consistently for the past ten years, but now it’s getting to the point that for some of us, ...

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Top 100 Best Hospitals: Johns Hopkins Stays at the Head of the Class

U.S. News & World Report recently released its compilation of the top 100 hospitals, providing results by a range of 16 specialties, from Cancer to Geriatric Care to Urology.

This year's top five are: Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH, and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.

Don't be disappointed if ...

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