Making Hospice Care More Affordable

Still an underutilized service, hospice care may become more affordable for providers thanks to advocacy efforts from MedPAC, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. Says this Leading Age news article by Peter Notarstefano, the Commission “recommended changes to a U-shaped curve ...

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Can Assisted Living and Hospice Work Together?

The latest article from The New York Times New Old Age blog explores the ins and outs of this question. Author Judith Graham offers tips for preventing the conflicts that may naturally arise when hospice care services are brought into ...

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Bringing Hospice to Assisted Living

At the end of life, there is comfort and peace for families -- and the individual nearing death -- in hospice care. Though there are more stand-alone hospice care facilities than were previously available, many agencies and providers go directly ...

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Home Sweet Hospice: How This Vital Care Resource Changed My Life

I never spent much time in my grandparents’ bedroom, unless you count sneaking through it to get to the master bathroom, where I would try on Grandma’s perfume or powder my face with her makeup. My sisters and cousins ...

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Even in Senior Living, Advance Care Planning Is Vital

Though 71% of Americans have thought about their end of life preferences, only 29% actually created living wills, according to data from (National Healthcare Decisions Day). Advance care planning is extremely important, even if the senior in your life has ...

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The Power of Music Therapy in Senior Care

Pet therapy is widely known as extremely beneficial to and therapeutic for residents in assisted living and other senior care settings.

But the power of music cannot be underestimated either. Music therapy is a growing field, particularly in terms of ...

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Know Your Options & Plan Ahead for Alzheimer’s Care

There is nothing easy about an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, particularly planning for care in the later stages of the disease. Communication and decision-making will become difficult when Alzheimer’s advances, so the need for making preparations early on is vital; ...

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Home Care: Then & Now

Even though various types of senior care communities (assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, independent living, continuing care, etc.) are popping up in cities and towns across the country, it’s not your only choice when it comes to arranging care ...

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Pet Therapy: A Valuable Program in Senior Living Communities

If you’ve ever loved a pet, you know how mutually beneficial the relationship can be. And what could be better than a faithful companion who greets you with the same eager enthusiasm whether you’ve been gone for 5 days ...

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There’s No Place Like Home: Q & A on Home Care Services

Yes, there are assisted living, retirement living, independent living, Alzheimer’s care and continuing care retirement communities offering a range of supportive services and attractive amenities in just about every city/town across America. But some seniors would rather stay home.

Home care makes this desire to stay “where the heart is” a feasible option. Learn more about home care via this basic Q & A:

Q: What kind of ...

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