5 Ways to Beat Those Winter Blahs and Blues

It’s not even the end of January and winter has been brutal here in the Midwest. Along with other areas of the country unused to constant sub-zero temperatures and snow, we’re all growing weary of being stuck inside, ...

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At Home, In Senior Living: Enjoying the Holidays

Many families are celebrating Christmas today, but some will be doing so with a heavy heart.

Caregivers for loved ones with Alzheimer's, mobility challenges, or other illnesses and disorders are likely worn out and in need of rest, but will ...

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Making the Holidays Special for Family in Senior Living

If this is the first holiday season that a family member or friend is residing in a senior living community, you may be uncertain about what gifts to give or how to celebrate in this new location.

Older relatives and ...

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Dealing with Post-Holiday Concerns About Seniors

Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year, but people who visited older relatives during the holidays may still be replaying the week's events in their minds. They're probably not worrying about how many calories they consumed, but rather, "How ...

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How Caregivers Can Prepare for Holiday Stress

It’s inevitable, so instead of being overwhelmed by it, why not prepare for the holiday stress so you can overcome it?

Even if you’re not hosting family or friends at your home, the holidays are definitely a tough ...

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A Round-Up of Holiday Posts for Caregivers

No matter how many cheery songs you hear, festive parties you attend, sparkling lights you see, or Christmas cookies you consume, the holidays can be a tough time for anyone caring for an elder relative, friend or family member. Refer ...

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Having a Happy Holiday with the Seniors You Love

This may be the first year your mom, grandfather, spouse, or other beloved senior relative is in assisted living rather than your home -- or theirs -- for the holidays. Maybe you have home care or hospice services coming in ...

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Making Christmas Comfortable for Caregivers & Seniors, Part 2

It can be a stressful time of year for the family who is caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, caring for someone who is recovering from a stroke, caring for someone who is wrestling with depression, or caring for someone ...

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In Assisted Living, Celebrate the Holidays with Food, Family and Friends

Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Yule, New Year’s: at this time of year, Christmas isn’t the only celebration on the calendar. For centuries, people of all cultures, countries and religious backgrounds have marked the month of December with ...

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Why Wandering May Increase During the Holidays

Changes in the schedule. Increased stress levels among caregivers and other family members. Sensory overload. The holidays can bring about all of these, all of which can make someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia experience greater anxiety, making them more ...

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