#ElderCareChat 10/1/14 Recap: Helping Ourselves During Tough Times

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 56 new and returning participants shared tips and strategies for successful self-care, and the care of others, during tough times in our lives. As caregivers and as caring people, we all face difficult life phases, transitional ...

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Suddenly Solo: A Guide for Men Dealing with Loss in Later Life

[caption id="attachment_23137" align="alignright" width="209" caption="photo courtesy of Amazon.com"][/caption]

“What do I do about dinner?”
“Where is the checkbook?”
“Do I want another relationship with a woman?”

These are a few of the simple and not-so-simple ...

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#ElderCareChat 9/4/13 Recap: Managing Resistance to Care & Help

This week, 33 chat participants shared their own personal and professional experiences with managing resistance to care and help, both from the caregiver’s point of view to that of the person needing care or help. From fear and shame, to ...

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Discovering the Benefits of a Good Caregiver Support Group

When I was a practicing psychotherapist, I often referred patients to support groups, but was selective about whom to send. Support groups aren’t for everyone; they take a certain amount of “breaking in” and require commitment to be beneficial. ...

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Young Caregivers Becoming the Norm

I'm a brand new parent (only two and a half months in), and I can already see how quickly caregiver burnout creeps in.
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When You Need More Help: Alzheimer’s Care Options

When you care for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia at home -- either theirs or yours -- a time when you need more help will almost surely come. Though you may not know when, be prepared by knowing your ...

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Seniors’ Finances: Time for the Family Meeting?

In a recent post, I suggested children ask senior parents the whereabouts of their important documents, such as a Durable Power of Attorney. It's critical information to have if your parent is suddenly hospitalized or incapacitated, but no one likes ...

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What to Bring to Assisted Living

Besides the difficult emotional aspects of an assisted living transition, moving from a multi-bedroom home to a studio apartment presents a logistical challenge all its own.

Most assisted living communities strongly encourage residents to bring their own furniture in order ...

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Talking to Your Parents About Assisted Living

When is it time to have “the talk?” For adult children concerned about their parents, talking about a transition to assisted living or another type of senior care setting should happen sooner rather than later.

That being said, a discussion ...

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How to Help When Grief Visits Assisted Living

They may be surrounded by new friends and caring staff members, but residents in assisted living still deal with grief.

Perhaps they moved to assisted living due to the loss of a spouse or relative. Perhaps they are grieving the ...

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