Seniors, Obesity and Why Active Living Is Essential

New research shows that a higher body mass index, or BMI, increases the risk of death for seniors, even though in years past, obesity among the 65+ demographic was thought to extend one’s lifespan, per this HuffPost50 article. The study ...

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Breaking Down Common Assisted Living Myths

Assisted living has been around for about 20 years now, but many people are still confused about this type of senior living setting. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a few of the most common misconceptions surrounding assisted living:


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It’s Healthy to Be Happy, Says New Study on Seniors

Seniors with a positive attitude counteract loneliness and all its harmful effects: that’s the good word from a new study cited in this McKnight’s Long-Term Care News post.

Canadian researchers followed 122 seniors over a six-year period, says the ...

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Want Healthy Aging? 93-Year-Old Doctor Recommends Two Things

No matter where you live during your retirement years, Dr. Charles Eugster, age 93, prescribes two simple things for a long, healthy life: work and exercise. His vision is to “prevent impending disaster by encouraging people to be more active, particularly ...

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Ideas for Staying Healthy and Active in Assisted Living

An assisted living move can be traumatic, a jarring change that isn’t always welcome. This is likely an outcome of both a perceived and actual loss of independence that many seniors struggle deeply with after the transition; not surprisingly, ...

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Yes, You Can Be Independent in Assisted Living

The lines are often blurred between assisted living, nursing homes, and every other type of senior housing on the market today. Since most people are thrust into the role of caring for a parent overnight (and it all begins with “...

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Is Independent Living the Right Choice?

Independent living is still a popular setting for seniors who want low-to-no maintenance living, the freedom to come and go as they please, the privacy of an individual apartment, the comfort of community fostered by interaction with peers, and amenities ...

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Many Senior Living Communities Integrate Brain Health Programs

Over the years, senior living communities of all sizes have typically offered some type of fitness/wellness component as part of their activities programming, via daily exercise classes, use of a fitness center or pool, Wii sports tournaments, walking trails ...

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Why Choose Independent Living?

A diverse array of social events; multiple dining venues; access to fitness equipment, health and wellness services; and transportation: these are among the offerings typically available at independent living communities nationwide.

Many seniors choose this setting for the flexibility and ...

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Unique Exercise Program Comes to Atria Assisted Living

This spring, residents of several Atria Senior Living communities throughout the country were introduced to Conductorcise, a new program that integrates the brilliance of David Dworkin, a renowned conductor of leading orchestras worldwide, with an exercise routine that promotes healthy ...

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