#ElderCareChat 1/21/15 Recap: Self-Care and Accountability in Caregiving

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 56 new and returning participants discussed strategies for more effective self-care, and explored the importance of accountability in achieving these goals of caring for self in order to better care for others.

All participants agreed that ...

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Tips for Winter Visits to Assisted Living

Visiting a loved one in assisted living can be an emotionally painful experience for many different reasons. Sometimes, family members visit based on guilt, whether it’s guilt about the transition to assisted living and how it came about, or ...

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Dealing with Guilt Over a Care Transition or Decision

Taking the car keys away: it’s the moment every family caregiver and senior driver dreads, along with making a decision about an assisted living move, or a discussion about end-of-life wishes.

In some rare cases, family members are in ...

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Alzheimer’s Care: When to Let Go, Seek Help

This piece is in response to a comment posted on our recent feature article, "Alzheimer's Care: How Do You Know When It's Time?"

A reader shared her struggles with her mother's Alzheimer's, explaining that although she is a medical professional with knowledge of the disease, she has discovered it's an entirely different thing to live with it. She has four children, the youngest of whom is just seven years old, ...

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Respite Care: A Caregiver’s Best Friend

Many assisted living facilities offer respite care, a valuable service for family caregivers. In fact, you can search for respite providers here on SeniorsforLiving.
Merriam-Webster describes respite as an interval of rest or relief. These intervals can vary in length, purpose and location. Sometimes, a family member needs major surgery and cannot care for his loved one during the three-week recovery period. Maybe a spouse who has been caring for ...

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