#ElderCareChat 12/17/14 Recap: Finding the Joy in Growing Older

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 54 new and returning participants discussed what they look forward to most about growing older, who their “positive aging” role models are, what they fear about aging, the benefits of longevity, and more. It was an ...

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Yes, Seniors Are on Facebook

Though the highest majority of social media users fall in the 18-29 range, 43% of Americans over 65 (up from 26% just three years ago) now use at least one social networking site, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

From Google ...

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Benefits of the Grandparent-Adult Grandchild Connection

Increased life expectancy has impacted every sphere of living today. Health, housing, and medical innovation are just a few areas. Family relationships have shifted accordingly with many family members caring for elderly loved ones. One aspect of these intergenerational connections has been the strong bond between grandparents and their grown grandchildren. In a recent article on LiveScience.com, a new study just released in particular shows the quality of those ...

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Condo Amenities Include Grandparents

The multigenerational family under one roof used to be standard. But over the years, the nuclear family has left and created its own home and often grandparents are scattered far and wide. Grandparents and other extended family members might still ...

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How to… Be the Best Grandparent Ever

Fact: Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids, and according to this SmartMoney article, to the tune of $10 billion dollars. They’re not just buying gifts and gadgets though. The MetLife Report on American Grandparents said they’re also providing for their ...

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5 Reasons Foster Grandparents Are Awesome

I was thrilled to stumble upon this lovely photo essay, Foster grandparent known for hugs and nurturing. The images of foster grandmother Ruthie Cruz, age 82, with toddler Will Hardin melted my heart, but as I read more about Cruz and ...

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Fighting Ageism in the Boomer Years, “Parenthood” Style

[caption id="attachment_16397" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo courtesy of NBC.com/parenthood"][/caption]

About a year ago, a friend got me hooked on the NBC sitcom, Parenthood. With each new episode, I’m falling more in love and crying ...

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Every Day Is Grandparents Day

[caption id="attachment_16441" align="alignright" width="248" caption="Infographic courtesy of Generations United"][/caption]

Grandparents Day, as in the official September holiday, is behind us for another year... but I think every day should be Grandparents Day.

It’s not just ...

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Senior Care Around the World: Grandparents Are Primary Caregivers

Around the world, grandparents “repair toilets, paint houses and change nappies” while their children pursue their careers. That’s what Ian Linden, a professor and policy director for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, says in a recent post for HelpAge ...

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Ideas for Honoring Grandparents Day in Assisted Living

Sunday is Grandparents Day, and also the kick off for National Assisted Living Week. Across the country and all over the web, community organizations, individuals, and senior care providers have been preparing for the day, encouraging people of all ages ...

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