Is “Living Unassisted” the Future of Assisted Living?

That’s what Jeffrey Rosenfeld and Wid Chapman believe. The authors -- a gerontologist and architect, respectively -- of UnAssisted Living:  Ageless Homes for Later Life, see a future where housing better reflects the lifestyle demands and preferences of today’...

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Grandmothers Making a Difference in the World

There’s a movement underfoot, and it’s one that all of us can support: “Grandmother Power.”

Earlier this week in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon exhibit opened, and it runs through February 2, 2014. At the helm ...

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The Future of Memory Care

Brookdale Senior Living’s national Director of Dementia Care & Programs explains how memory care is provided today -- and what to expect for the future -- in terms of food. In the July/August issue of Senior Living Executive ...

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Changes in Store for Senior Housing Construction

Assisted living communities may look nothing like hospitals or nursing homes, but their developers had to follow the same building and fire safety codes -- even if it meant “costly and sometimes unnecessary building features,” according to this new post ...

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Where New Senior Housing Projects Are Happening

Yes, more people would prefer to stay home. But there are enough new senior housing projects in the pipeline to confirm the need for continued future growth and meet current industry demand.

Earlier this month, Senior Housing News shared the ...

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Obama Appoints New Members to Long-Term Care Commission

Last week, guest blogger Martha Stettinius shared her opinion about the Long-Term Care Commission, a new bipartisan advisory group tasked with figuring out “how our nation can provide more affordable and accessible long-term care.” (Read the post here.)

This week, ...

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What Washington Budget Cuts Mean for Senior Living

Yes, it’s that time in Washington again. Time for the annual budget cutting and trimming that almost always includes senior living providers, investors and important community programs serving seniors. A new post from Senior Housing News affirms that 2013 is ...

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Assisted Living Providers Spending Capital on Old, Not New

New construction is not what’s hitting the senior living industry headlines this week. Alyssa Gerace of Senior Housing News reports that major providers like Brookdale Senior Living and Emeritus Senior Living “seem to be focusing more on repositioning, renovating, ...

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Excellence in Assisted Living: ALFA Adds New Award Categories

A Taste of the Future: The Next Generation Dining Menu. Turning Around Caregiver Turnover. Honoring the Life of a Resident Following His or Her Death. These are three out of 13 new categories that the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) ...

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Senior Housing Trend Watch: Meet the “Granny Pod”

MedCottages are making headlines again. Also known as the granny pod, the idea for this emerging senior housing option came from a Virginia pastor.

According to this Washington Post article that proposes granny pods “could change elder care,” Rev. Kenneth ...

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