How to Help When Grief Visits Assisted Living

They may be surrounded by new friends and caring staff members, but residents in assisted living still deal with grief.

Perhaps they moved to assisted living due to the loss of a spouse or relative. Perhaps they are grieving the ...

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Making a Senior Care Decision

Where to start when you become a caregiver for senior family members or friends: whether the transition happens gradually or overnight, the first and following steps are not always clear. Check out this complete beginner’s guide to getting the ...

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Group of Friends Building Their Own Senior Care Home

Senior care is expensive in the UK too, so a group of friends is taking matters into their own hands, according to this news article. Comprised of eight couples who range in age from 65 to 70, the group vacations together, goes ...

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Things to Do in Assisted Living

In assisted living communities across the country, activities directors are working hard to keep residents busy and happy, providing a wide variety of things to do, while also encouraging them to make friends and maintain vital social connections.
Most directors ...

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Taking the Senior Living Plunge

When is it time to move to assisted living or consider a senior living community for active adults? When does the care of a home become too difficult -- or perhaps even poses a risk -- for seniors with health ...

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How to Use Social Media for a Senior Living Search

Like this status update, friend request sent, retweet this post, share this photo. We’re living in a social media world, and that means there are new ways to search for senior care options.

Finding senior living can a very ...

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Atria Senior Living Friends Making a Difference

Volunteering does a body good. Good friends Harold Meininger and Eddie Welch, residents at an Atria Senior Living community in Florida, know this firsthand.

Welch is 74 and Meininger is 96; both are active volunteers within the assisted living community they call ...

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Summer Visiting Ideas for Assisted Living

Visiting a relative or friend in assisted living does not have to consist of sitting in the apartment, chatting about the weather, making small talk, twiddling thumbs, or checking watches. Forgo these visits in favor of something a bit more ...

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Dealing with Loneliness and Grief in Assisted Living

Although they will be surrounded by new friends and a community of caring staff members and volunteers, residents in assisted living still deal with grief and loneliness. This reality may not always be in the forefront of family member’s ...

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Tips for Adjusting After a Move to Senior Care

Moving into assisted living, independent living, or any other senior care setting is a major life transition that will likely take time to adjust to, even if it was a decision amicably reached. Bringing in home care also commences a ...

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