How a Massachusetts Retirement Community Recycles Responsibly

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George Zahka is a resident at North Hill, a retirement community in Needham, Massachusetts. He and his grandson, also George Zahka, partnered with North Hill’s Executive ...

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8 Reasons to Change Your Eating Habits

When it comes to your weight, less is more for a lot of good reasons. But since old habits are hard to break, you need all the motivation, support and resources you can get. Here are 8 good reasons to change ...

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How to Make Dining a Better Experience for People with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s makes everything more difficult, including meal times. But a nursing home administrator found a way to change the dining experience for the good; her story is told in this blog post, Dementia dining: A model on the McKnight’...

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Why Senior Living Meals Are About More Than the Food

Dining alone is no fun. True, some people enjoy a little solitude now and then, but we’re primarily social creatures -- particularly when it comes to food.

That’s one of the best parts of life in assisted living ...

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Meals for Seniors At Home Make a Difference

A recent article from New York Times’ New Old Age blog speaks to the simplicity and value of Meals on Wheels, a program which started in the 1960s and has served millions of seniors since.

Per the article, the program’...

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Food Prices Go Up, Senior Living Costs May Follow

Anyone who shops for groceries or dines out on a regular basis knows that food is expensive. Many of us also know that when food prices go up, the impact is felt elsewhere. So is the case with senior living ...

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Benefits Checkup: National Programs Helping Seniors

Paying for prescriptions, food, and the monthly utility bills is a challenge for seniors on a fixed income. Sadly, it’s more serious than that: the National Council on Aging estimates that over 13 million older adults “live in or on ...

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Why You Should Ask About the Food in Assisted Living

Considering that most of us eat three meals a day and have a few snacks in between those meals, it goes without saying that the food is an incredibly important aspect to consider when checking out assisted living.

It’s ...

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Eat Right, and Light, In the Winter

Who wants to eat salad in the winter? I’m guessing a show of hands would reveal very few of us with arms raised, unless of course it was January 2nd and everyone was launching their “new year’s resolution ...

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In Assisted Living, Celebrate the Holidays with Food, Family and Friends

Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Yule, New Year’s: at this time of year, Christmas isn’t the only celebration on the calendar. For centuries, people of all cultures, countries and religious backgrounds have marked the month of December with ...

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