Top 10 Fittest Cities in the U.S. for Boomers

Although spring may feel like a long way off with the winter we’ve had this year, some people may be already looking forward to getting out and exercising. For boomers and seniors over 50, it takes even more activity to ...

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Sprint into Spring in Senior Living

Warmer weather has a way of making us want to get out and move. Residents of senior living communities are no different, and fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active there -- both indoors and indoors. Most communities ...

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Health and Fitness Opportunities in Senior Living

Tai chi. Zumba. Synchronized swimming. Yoga. Just because you’re in a senior living community doesn’t mean chair exercises are the only way to stay active and fit. The type of group exercise programs and personal fitness opportunities available ...

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Senior Living Fitness Program Enriches Life, Enhances Health

Why stop exercising when you move to assisted living? There’s no need. In fact, many people may even find that being in assisted living offers more opportunities to be physically active, and certainly more people to hold you accountable ...

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Elders Must Have Play(grounds): The Mission of Designer Michael Cohen

Playgrounds are not just for children anymore. Throughout Europe and China, and hopefully soon in the US, playgrounds for elders will be constructed in a community near you.

What does a playground for elders look like, you ask?

Face to ...

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Popular Dance Fitness Program Comes to Senior Living

Zumba® may  be moving and shaking its way to an assisted living near you.

A full-page advertisement in Aging Well magazine announced the arrival of Zumba® Gold, a lower impact version of the popular fitness program known for its “party-like ...

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Unique Senior Fitness Program Receives Recognition from ALFA

How many miles would you have to bike to get from Crete to Athens, Greece?

That’s one of several distances that residents at four Elmcroft Senior Living communities are biking (on a NuStep bike machine in their community’s ...

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Tai Chi: Zumba for Seniors?

I started Zumba classes a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked. Now I know what all the fuss is about: it’s an hour of high-intensity aerobic exercise set to great music, and it’s fun to do (and ...

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Activities in Senior Living Communities Go Beyond Bingo

While Bingo still remains a highly popular activity in senior living communities, there is certainly much more on senior living social calendars these days besides this favorite pastime.

At Brookdale Senior Living communities across the country, you’ll find activities like dances, pizza parties, tennis, book clubs, talent shows, poetry readings, Wii sports and video games, cooking classes, holiday celebrations, ice cream socials, exercise, fitness, and wellness classes, and more.


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Jane Fonda Talks Fitness, Aging Gracefully, New DVDs for Boomers

CONTEST UPDATE: Share news about senior Jane's age-defying accomplishments and vie to win a copy of her new DVD. Winners will be randomly chosen on 3/18/11 from those who Tweet this: Look what Jane Fonda is doing now.... at 73 years young! #SeniorJane or who go to our Facebook page and LIKE the post.

Age is not stopping Jane Fonda.The  actress/fitness pioneer released her new series ...

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