What You Should Know About the Alzheimer’s Care Crisis

A $215 billion dollar price tag, annually: that’s the financial impact of Alzheimer’s care in this country, according to this new study from the RAND Corporation.

The staggering amount represents the cumulative cost of providing care for someone with ...

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What Washington Budget Cuts Mean for Senior Living

Yes, it’s that time in Washington again. Time for the annual budget cutting and trimming that almost always includes senior living providers, investors and important community programs serving seniors. A new post from Senior Housing News affirms that 2013 is ...

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What’s Next for Continuing Care Communities?

On the whole, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) have fared well financially, even through the recent years of economic turmoil. Though most CCRCs finance themselves completely with long-term debt, one provider has taken a different approach, says this Senior Housing ...

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Supporting Male Caregivers: A Chat with CareScout’s Bob Bua and Liz Boardman

No matter how much we may fight against it, men and women are different. Of course, these differences should not affect our understanding of equality (in terms of opportunities), and there are always exceptions to the rule. Maybe you’re ...

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Emeritus Senior Living Wants to Know: What’s Your Plan?

One of the country’s largest senior living providers, Emeritus, is partnering with Dr. Marion Somers and the 3in4 Need More Association to promote planning ahead for long term care. Says Dr. Marion in a recent Emeritus news release, “Without ...

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Elder Care Planning Resource Guide

“At least 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services at some point in their lives.” – LongTermCare.gov

Those plan-ahead types may drive you crazy – or, you may consider yourselves one of those efficient elite. No matter ...

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Seniors Economically Insecure, Says New Report

On the heels of continuous debates about the debt ceiling and entitlement reform (with Medicare and Social Security high on that hit list), and as we continue to trudge through a period of economic recovery after the housing market crash ...

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Privatizing Social Security: A Fundamentally Bad Idea

The implosion of financial titans of Wall Street over the past week lays bare the ugly truth about privatizing Social Security: It's a fundamentally bad idea.

I don't know about you, but I'm neither a financial planner nor an investment strategist. And yet, since the mid-1980s when I began saving for retirement, I've been forced to play one at home with my 401K investments. Yes, I'm incredibly fortunate to ...

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Oct. 15 is Deadline To File for Stimulus Payments

The deadline is approaching for seniors and others to file a 2007 tax return to receive their federal stimulus payment this year.

Some recipients of Social Security, certain veterans' benefits and certain Railroad Retirement benefits may qualify for economic stimulus payments, even though they usually do not have to file a tax return.

To receive the payment,which for individuals typically ranges from $300-$600,people who might not otherwise be required ...

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Family Caregivers Can Manage Social Security Benefits

If you are caring for an elderly or disabled relative who needs help managing their monthly Social Security or SSI benefits, you can apply to be representative payee. More than seven million people who get monthly benefits need help managing their money.
After a careful investigation, the Social Security Administration will appoint a relative, friend or other interested party to serve as the "representative payee." This means that, if you ...

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