What Home Care Can Do

At the end of the caregiving day, what tasks, chores and responsibilities are usually left undone? What are the things you just can’t find time, energy or the desire to do?

This simple exercise may be a good way ...

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Alzheimer’s Care Book Updated

One of the most frequently recommended resources for families impacted by an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is “The 36-Hour Day.” First published in 1981, the book was written by Johns Hopkins Hospital professionals Dr. Peter Rabins, a psychiatrist, and Nancy Mace, a ...

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Ideas for Celebrating Family History Month in Assisted Living

How did Grandma and Grandpa meet? Where does your great aunt keep all her wonderful recipes? Which of your uncles got into the most trouble?

October is Family History Month, the perfect time to get answers to all of these ...

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Study Finds Alzheimer’s Care Best in Small Assisted Living Homes

For the 80 million people affected by dementia around the globe, specialized care in smaller, more intimate settings is best, says a new study published in September’s Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Residents of two “group living units” (which were part ...

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Elder Financial Abuse: Detect It, Prevent It and Overcome It

Time and time again, abuse happens at the hands of those whom you least suspect, those closest to the victims, those who should help, not hurt, the ones they love.

Erica Sandberg’s article, “How to Detect & Prevent Elderly ...

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Tips for Adjusting After a Move to Senior Care

Moving into assisted living, independent living, or any other senior care setting is a major life transition that will likely take time to adjust to, even if it was a decision amicably reached. Bringing in home care also commences a ...

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Celebrating Special Occasions in Assisted Living

Grandparents Day is this Sunday, September 11th, and National Assisted Living Week kicks off then too. You can bet that assisted living communities across the country will be celebrating accordingly in the days ahead.

But nationally-headlined special occasions aside, moving ...

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Elder Care Planning Resource Guide

“At least 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services at some point in their lives.” – LongTermCare.gov

Those plan-ahead types may drive you crazy – or, you may consider yourselves one of those efficient elite. No matter ...

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New Caregiver “To Do” List

You don’t typically get to prepare for a caregiving role, at least not in the way you might for a certification exam or new job. And yet, many adults find themselves bearing the title – sometimes overnight – knowing little about ...

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When the Heat is On, Many Consider Assisted Living

As much of the country braces for a major heat wave this week, a recent article in Texas’ Lubbock Avalanche Journal cites a number of reasons the CDC says that seniors are more prone to heat stroke and other health ...

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