The Best Therapy in Assisted Living

Pet therapy is wonderful. Intergenerational interactions -- from infants to young adults -- are therapeutic too. However, there may be residents in assisted living with allergies, or a fear of/aversion to animals. There may also be residents who don’...

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Keeping the Peace: Blended Families and Elder Care Decision Making

A recent Johns Hopkins study reveals the unique care challenges blended families face (stepparents and their children, and this video interview from HuffPostLIVE covers the news in detail. The research states that adult children feel less obligated to provide for ...

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Complex Care? If It Means No Nursing Homes, Families Are In

The results of a new report from AARP (as shared by Senior Housing News) indicate that families are willing to carry out complicated care tasks if it means avoiding placement in nursing homes or even assisted living communities.

This article ...

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Will Discounts Get Seniors Through the Doors?

As the national average for senior living occupancy hovers around 88 percent, providers are seeking creative options for bumping up rates, says an article from the Assisted Living Federation of America.

According to the piece, offering discounts to prospective residents is ...

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How Grandchildren Can Help With a Senior Care Transition

Grandchildren are often overlooked when their parents are discussing how to care for their parents. Wanting to protect their children from the pain of watching their grandparents’ decline, some adults may even push the kids aside.

However, most grandchildren who ...

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Elder Care Mediators: Who They Are and Why We Need Them

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 brothers and sisters or two. It doesn’t matter if you have a good relationship with your parents and siblings or a strained one. It doesn’t matter if you and your mother-in-law ...

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Atria Senior Living Honors WWII Veterans

It’s not Veterans Day yet, and Memorial Day is behind us, but residents from Atria Senior Living communities across the country will observe a national day of remembrance this Sunday, August 12.

This article from the California-based online newspaper, The ...

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Improving Communication Between Senior Living Residents, Families and Staff

When a problem occurs, a breakdown in communication is usually to blame. In assisted living, the margin for miscommunication is wide, given the fact that several parties -- residents, families and staff -- are exchanging information at any given time. ...

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New Programs to Serve “Next Generation” at Brookdale Senior Living

Things are changing in senior housing every day. Providers are preparing for the next generation of residents, public and private entities are seeking new funding options and revenue streams, state governments are revising regulations to better suit new care categories, ...

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Senior Care Around the World: India Breaks with Tradition

The major demographic shift that is molding senior living communities of the future is happening outside the United States too. Increased longevity, aging boomers, and the continual breakdown of the traditional nuclear family: although the economy has forced many families ...

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