Visiting in Alzheimer’s Care When Recognition Is Gone

A move to Alzheimer’s care can be extremely devastating for caregivers and others in the family circle. The guilt over the transition may be crippling, overwhelming. Seeing the person you love in a place other than her home is ...

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Study Finds Alzheimer’s Care Best in Small Assisted Living Homes

For the 80 million people affected by dementia around the globe, specialized care in smaller, more intimate settings is best, says a new study published in September’s Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Residents of two “group living units” (which were part ...

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Memory Triggers: Born of Necessity

"But I don't know what to say when I visit" is the all-too common defense when a loved one has Alzheimer's or a related dementia. Sometimes, it is just too difficult to see the person you love in such an altered state; other times, it is simply lack of what used to be normal conversation. What do you say when Grandma can't remember the word for "hello" - or even ...

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