With the Election Behind, What’s Ahead for Seniors?

A week ago, millions of Americans voted -- not just for the president, but for several federal, state and local representatives. Although seniors typically comprise the large majority of active voters (according to this Gallup poll, 85% of voters 65 and older ...

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Getting Seniors in Assisted Living Out to Vote

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will cast their vote for president, along with a number of other federal, state and local candidates.

Many of us do not even think twice about where, when and how we will vote, but if you ...

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Caregiving and the Presidential Election

Paul Ryan learned about being a caregiver when he was a teenager, says this recent AgingCare.com article, Paul Ryan: Republican, Vice Presidential Nominee, Caregiver?

He watched his mother care for his “Alzheimer’s stricken grandmother,” who moved in to ...

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How Do Seniors in Assisted Living Vote?

Fact: seniors vote. A recent blog post for Zillner (a marketing and advertising company focused on senior consumers) affirms this truth with an impressive stat from the Pew Research Center: “...nine out of 10 seniors (91%) who are registered voters say they ‘...

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Election Day Follow-up: An Interview with John Erickson

Campaign ads swarmed the media airwaves, harassing voters from every direction; our heads were buzzing with information – and misinformation – for weeks leading up to that all-important day.

So where were you on November 2nd? Did you vote?

John Erickson did.

Erickson, founder of Retirement Living TV and Erickson Retirement Communities (based in Baltimore), wrote an inspiring blog post a few weeks before the election, reminding citizens to fulfill their civic ...

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