“Feels Like Home” Is Important in Elderly Residential Care

Moving into residential care can be a stressful event for an elderly person as well as their families. Facilities and families alike work hard to make the transition easier for all, from thoughtful design to allowing pets and other ways to make it feel like home.

These efforts are more than just a nice thing to do -- the benefits of having a place that "feels like home" is supported ...

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Aging Parents’ Care May Fall to Favored Children

As an only child, I never had to worry about how caring for my mother when she had cancer was going to be divided. It was either me, or my dad. While there were many disadvantages regarding this situation, the main advantage of my situation was that I didn't have to argue with anyone regarding her care. I can fully appreciate that as I've witnessed friends from large families having ...

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Domestic Robots Assist Elderly

You know how sci-fi movies and cartoons we watched as kids featured robots who took care of household chores? While it seemed like a far off notion, it may be coming sooner than you think.

A research project from Eindhoven University of Technology, KSERA (Knowledgeable Service Robots for Aging), strives to help elderly people live at home as long as possible. The study will begin with COPD patients:
In three ...

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A Caring Workplace: Employee Benefits Related to Caregiving

As a member of the Sandwich Generation, I'm all too familiar with the dilemma of having to take care of an aging or ill parent while caring for your own family as well as maintaining a job. When my mother was ill, I missed a great deal of work. While I was fortunate enough to be able to work it out with my employer, many workers aren't as lucky as ...

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Deciding Between In-Home Health Care and Assisted Living

This guest blog post is contributed by Boomerater, a free online resource for Baby Boomers. Seniors for Living contributes its senior housing properties to Boomerater's local directories including California assisted living, New York Alzheimer's care and more. A new Q&A discussion from Boomerater's forums appears here each Friday. This week's topic is about deciding between in-home health care or assisted living.

Boomerater Question: I am trying to decide between ...

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