Boomers Want Better Cost of Living, Lower Taxes and “Room for the Grandkids”

I always said the area where I spent most of my childhood -- a quick drive from New York City in the well-known PA resort hot spot, the Poconos -- was a great place to “grow up and grow old.” ...

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Why the Bad Economy Might Be Good for Assisted Living Business

An article from suggests that the slowly recovering economy has helped fuel growth in assisted living.

Per the piece, a report from earlier this year showed a decrease in profits and an increase in the number of closings ...

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Senior Living Companies Selling Homes?

Things don’t always go as planned, and for many retirees, the plan of selling the house and moving into a retirement community fell through completely, just like the bottom of the real estate market.

According to this article from ...

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Bankruptcy Precedes Hope for Better Business Among CCRCs

Deciding now what type of care you or a senior family member might require in the future is a tricky thing. Care needs may change drastically overnight or gradually over a period of time. Some may never need care. Sometimes, ...

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Some Good Economic News for Seniors

Economic news over the past few years has been dire, especially for seniors. Jobs for older workers have been scarce, Social Security and Medicare benefits have been cut as living and health care costs continue to rise, and home values ...

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Aging Population a Catalyst for Senior Care Jobs

Though job growth is still painfully slow in many sectors, a new article from Ruth Mantell of MarketWatch shows that the healthcare industry is moving along quite well: senior care facilities, in particular, are adding a significant number of jobs.


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Standard & Poor’s Says Older Adults Will Crush Economy

Last fall, Standard & Poor’s released a report called Global Aging 2010: An Irreversible Truth, which made quite a provocative assumption regarding the age wave facing our nation: older adults are a burden on society and will crush our economy.


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Assisted Living Occupancy Rates Hold Steady in 2011

A piece in ALFA's July/August 2011 issue of Senior Living Executive highlights data regarding assisted living occupancy in the past two quarters.

As per the article, the overall occupancy rate in assisted living has remained the same, holding at 88.4 percent, ...

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Baby Boomers: The Transformation Nation

The Beatles. JFK. MLK. The Vietnam War. Color TV.

That was life in the 1950s and 60s, when today’s baby boomers were coming of age.

Punk. Watergate. The Brady Bunch. Disco. Cocaine.

Life in the 1970s – when boomers were ...

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Top-Rated Places for Retirement Living

The newest Forbes Retirement Guide is out, and this time, the report takes a closer look at locations that offer a minimal tax burden and lower cost-of-living (i.e. there aren’t any cities in New Jersey, New York, California, or Connecticut on the list).

As the experts sifted through data, these factors – in addition to tax burden/cost of living – were considered in whittling down this list: weather, serious ...

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