After a Death, Dealing with Downsizing

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but as you’re going through the grief process, you’re also forced to go through your family member’s “stuff.” Often a time limit may be imposed for this difficult undertaking, one ...

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Helping Senior Parents Downsize Before a Move

You might imagine my mother belongs to a nomadic tribe evidenced by how few possessions she keeps in her home. Although her worldly goods wouldn’t fit on a camel’s back, a small trailer would do if she downsizes. ...

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MEDCottage: The Next Big (Little) Thing in Senior Living?

Downsizing has certainly been a hot option for boomers and seniors in recent years, as the perfect storm of a crumbling economy, plummeting housing market, and less rosy retirement vision darkened the horizon.

Families, individuals, and couples nationwide have downsized ...

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Transition. The word operates as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it is defined as “a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another;” as an intransitive verb, it refers to the act of making a transition.

Life is comprised of transitions great and small, but the later years are certainly rife with them.

Getting an AARP membership, needing bifocals when reading the morning paper, ...

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Prepping Your Home for Sale: Q&A with Vincent Salvitti

If you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller home, making a transition to an active adult community, or looking for some other type of housing (many boomers/seniors are leaving the suburbs and moving into condos/townhomes in cities nationwide), there are things you can do to ensure a quick and successful sale.

Consider the advice offered here by Vincent Salvitti, a ReSale manager with Traditions Realty. (Traditions Realty ...

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Upside-downsizing: The New Trend in Boomer Housing

Downsizing is a worthy goal pursued by many boomers (who are also, in most cases, empty-nesters) seeking a simpler lifestyle as they approach the retirement years. The downsizing trend seemed to increase in connection with the collapsing real estate market and troubled economy. However, as the Montreal Gazette reports, some boomers are finding that it makes better sense to “upsize” their downsizing plans.

Enter Pam Royl and Ian McArdle, who ...

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