Dealing with the Emotional Side of Aging

Last week, I took my grandmother out so she could shop for a few essentials. Afterwards, we went out to lunch, then headed to the cemetery to visit her husband’s (my grandfather’s) grave. She never learned to drive, ...

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Alzheimer’s Hurts: Help for Difficult Behaviors

The first time she can’t remember your name.
The first time he doesn’t seem to recognize you.
The first time she responds to your touch in anger, something she never did before.

Alzheimer’s hurts.

As if these ...

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Survival Tips: Senior Care Decisions and Stepfamilies

Senior care decisions are rarely black and white. Few families sit down to discuss what to do after Mom’s debilitating stroke, or how to approach Dad’s dementia, and say, “Let’s go with home care for now, and ...

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For Better or Worse: The Impact of Caregiving on Marriage Relationships

“For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…”

Who can imagine what that really means when you’re standing in front of your dearly beloved family and friends, hands joined with those of the ...

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Business Booming for Elder Mediators, As Boomers & Aging Parents Collide

Difficult family dynamics and the subsequent impact on caregiving was the focus of our #eldercarechat in late February. If you missed the chat, check out the transcript: #eldercarechat.

Most of us have family, whether we like them or not. And you may or may not love having holiday dinners together, but having a discussion about who gets Mom’s house when she passes away or who is in charge of ...

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