High-Calorie Foods That Are Good for You

As we age, we’re continually told by healthcare providers to watch the amount of fat and calories in our diets. High consumption of fats and calories and being overweight are the main culprits contributing to hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol ...

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Developing Alzheimer’s From Eating Junk Food?

Old news: junk food is bad for your body and your health.

The latest news: Eating junk food could lead to Alzheimer’s.

A recent New York Times article by Mark Bittman (author of the popular book, Food Matters) warns ...

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Brookdale Senior Living Explores “Lifestyle Medicine”

Yesterday, we reported on a fascinating new therapy that uses an old device – the metronome – to improve mobility among seniors. And a recent post on the Brookdale Senior Living Optimum Life blog highlighted another exciting and emerging specialty in the ...

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Meet Jerry Mathers: The Boomer Behind “Beaver” Cleaver

“Gee, Dad, I have enough trouble keeping myself good without keeping all the other kids good.” – Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver

[caption id="attachment_6920" align="alignright" width="231" caption="Photo courtesy of Jerry Mathers"][/caption]

If you loved watching the Cleavers, join the ...

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Cataract Risk in Women May Decrease With Healthy Diet

Here's some senior health news that's worth a look.... Cataracts could be combated with a better diet, says a new study. A cataract is the clouding of the eye's natural lens that often occurs with aging. In fact, it's thought that half of all Americans will experience a cataract by age 80. Cataracts may grow larger with time, and they make it hard to see.

No one knows for sure what ...

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